Update 3 Announcement

Hello, fellow Startup Panickers,

After weeks of listening and taking feedback from you, we are delighted to release our newest update. We have been tinkering the game and come up with these:

Adding a post-mortem analytic feature. 

We all learn from our mistakes, but won’t it be easier if we know what they are? That said, we add this feature so that you could review what you have done right or wrong that bring you to the state you are today.

Updating some minor visual elements.

We’ve added a little bit cosmetics for the office.

The game itself is far from complete, we are still working on the major update. We’ve been adding more and more (creative) events and saving it for you for the next official release date next year.

PS: We made a new update to our website in https://algo.rocks. Please let know what you think, or tell us if you have an idea how to make it better. 

Thank you for playing, and have a merry holiday!

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